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EZinEXCEL a division of JTFAutomation and ExcelAutomationHelp

Tools built for Project Managers by Project Managers
to make your work easy in Excel!
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Technology alone can’t solve problems.  It takes a team, experienced in joining technology in creative ways, to produce a solution that truly functions well.
We achieve this by working collaboratively with our clients to define and deliver the optimal automated solution.

Our areas of focus include:

• Excel based products built for Project Managers
• Custom software automation in Excel and database systems
• Data-driven web-based applications, ERP/MRP implementations
• Completely custom built files and automated solutions,
or integration into our pre-built templates as shown below
• Automation in Excel, Access, VBA, .NET, VB.NET, C#, SQL, etc
• Certified Scrum Master
• Relational database (Microsoft SQL Server)
• REEA report (Rapid Electronic Efficiency Assessment) services
• BI (Business Intelligence) solutions including
• Custom automated user interface
• Custom report development and delivery
• Custom automated analysis and data processing methods
• Excel and PowerPivot analysis tools
• Data warehouse design and development
• Data cleansing and integration
• Data mining and predictive analysis
• BI dashboards and portals
• Financial, operational, and marketing analysis solutions
• Online cloud based solutions
• Software as a Service (SaaS) from business to business (B2B)
• Line of business application integration(C) Copyright 2009-2018 Excel Automation Help